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Stay Fit and Buff on the Road: A Travel Workout for Muscle Gain


Maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle can be difficult when you’re traveling, especially when you’re frequently on the go or staying in locations with limited access to gym equipment. However, going on a trip is not an excuse to skip your workouts entirely. Indeed, it’s essential to continue exercising to keep your muscles in excellent shape and prevent your metabolism from slowing down. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, we’ve got you covered with a travel workout specially designed for muscle gain.

Unleash Your On-the-Go Workout for Strength

Before starting your travel workout routine, make sure to warm-up for at least five to ten minutes to reduce the risk of injury. You can do this by light jogging, walking lunges, or jumping jacks. The circuit we present here will mainly focus on bodyweight exercises that don’t require any equipment. Hence, you can comfortably do them in the comfort of your hotel room or an empty conference hall.

We recommend doing 3 rounds of the following exercises, minimizing rest periods within sets and allowing up to 45 seconds between each set. Between circuits, you can take a break of two to three minutes to give your muscles time to rest.

For this circuit, we recommend alternating between lower and upper body movements to give specific muscle groups a break while making sure that your body is still working hard overall.

Bodyweight Squat – 50 Reps
1.5-Rep Push-Up – 15 Reps
Lateral Lunge – 25 Reps (each side)
1.5-Rep Triceps Push-Up – 15 Reps
1.5-Rep Split Squat – 20 Reps (each side)

You’ll notice a substantial number of 1.5 reps in this routine, which means you’ll complete a full rep followed by half a repetition, counting them both as a single repetition. This technique has great advantages in increasing time under tension, optimizing the mind-muscle connection, and keeping your volume high to compensate for the lack of external loading.

To get the best results, make sure to take your time with each movement and focus on appropriate form to develop muscle memory and prevent injuries. When performing push-ups, remember to tighten your core muscles and glutes and lower your body in a controlled manner. For squats and lunges, keep your feet hip-width apart while maintaining your posture. Remember that you don’t need to hurry through the exercises. Go slow and feel the burn in your muscles.


In conclusion, this circuit training plan offers an ideal way to work out and stay fit when traveling without access to a gym. All you need is 20-30 minutes, your body weight, and some motivation. This travel workout routine for muscle gain will help you maintain or improve your strength, build muscle, and boost your metabolism, regardless of where your travels take you. Remember, consistency is vital for achieving any fitness goal, so don’t take a break from your fitness routine, even when you are on the go. Keep moving and sweating, and you’ll reap the rewards of a healthier, fitter, and happier lifestyle.