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Airbnb Management Miami

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Airbnb Management

Managing your Miami Airbnb property has never been simpler. We handle every aspect of the short-term rental management journey!

With a strategy that’s data-driven, focused on hospitality, and tailored to property owners, Lunabase’s team of short-term rental experts guarantees top-notch care for you and your property. Our Airbnb management services in Miami are crafted to empower hosts to capitalize on the market while freeing them from the daily operational tasks involved.

  • Tailored management for short-term and mid-term rentals, extended stays and corporate housing.
  • Exceptional asset care ensuring your property remains pristine.
  • Enhanced enjoyment and returns from your vacation home.
  • Advanced integration tools designed to boost your rental income.
  • Access to a community of pre-screened, trustworthy guests.
  • Complete peace of mind with our expert airbnb management services.

Platform Focus…

Where guests are looking and booking

Sit back, Collect more

Managing an investment property can be expensive and challenging, yet we’ve made it straightforward. Entrust the heavy lifting to us and see your rental earnings rise effortlessly. It’s truly that simple.

Earn 20% More

Independent studies show that Lunabase surpasses competing airbnb management firms in maximizing calendar bookings and overall reservations. Consequently, property owners with Lunabase enjoy a surge of over 35% in guest bookings and an increase of 20% in gross earnings relative to the industry standard.

full-service property management
full-service property management

Strength in numbers

Travelers indulge and journey wiser, while partners amplify their earnings through enhanced average daily rates and boosted occupancy rates, all under the guidance of Lunabase Pro’s extensive expertise in short-term and Airbnb rental management for over ten years.

Partner Retention
5-Star Guest Reviews

Lunabase Signature Offering

Strength in Numbers
  • Guests enjoy more: 99% 5 star guest reviews
  • Partners earn more: ~20% more profit (higher occupancy and daily rates)
  • 10+ years of short-term, mid-term and Airbnb property management experience
  • 15+ properties and $30M assets under management
Confidence and Continuity
  • Increase NOI & de-risk cash flow
  • Single/multi-year leases
  • Increase occupancy rates
  • Rent collection & protection
  • Advanced tenant screening
Elevating Community Standards
  • Rent responsible advocates
  • Noise monitoring & protection
  • AI based & customizable levels
  • 100% privacy-safe
Premier Airbnb Management Services in Florida
  • Airbnb Management Excellence: Offering full-spectrum airbnb management in Florida, our team ensures every detail is managed with precision.
  • Miami’s Real Estate Experts: Specializing in airbnb management in Miami, Florida, we understand the local market like no one else.
  • Airbnb Management Mastery: Tailored Airbnb management in Miami services to maximize your rental’s potential.
  • Florida Real Estate Management: Our Florida real estate management is designed to protect and enhance the value of your properties.
  • Professional Oversight: With real estate management Florida expertise, we provide peace of mind through diligent oversight.
  • Investment Care: Trust our airbnb management Miami team to care for your investment as if it were our.

Hear from our property owners

What they are saying

Our trusted partner reviews provide valuable insights and feedback, reflecting the professionalism of our team, their commitment to our parters and the care for the communities we serve.

Downtown, Miami

“The Lunabase team brings professional expertise, peace of mind, and a commitment to our community standards and wellbeing.”

Edgewater, Miami

“The Lunabase team is professional and the service they offer is exceptional. They are experts in short-term rentals and have helped optimize our earnings.”

the elser one bedroom 3414 15

Downtown, Miami

“Lunabase Management, recognized as one of the best Airbnb management companies in Miami, goes above and beyond to exceed guests’ expectations, streamline our airbnb management experience, and maximize our earnings.”


Miami Vacation Rental Market Overview

How has the popularity of short-term and extended vacations in South Florida grown in recent years?

Miami ranks as a leading destination for vacation rentals, short-term stays, and monthly executive accommodations, attracting visitors from across the globe and within the nation. Its appeal has surged recently, with an uptick in individuals opting for brief and prolonged getaways in South Florida. Unlike other large urban areas in the U.S., Miami boasts a regulatory environment that warmly welcomes vacation rentals, recognizing tourism’s vital role in its economic expansion. Additionally, the rise of remote working has further encouraged people to extend their stays in Miami.

Miami Vacation Rental Market Seasonality

Why is Miami considered one of the least seasonal short-term rental markets in the country?

Miami stands out as one of the country’s most consistent short-term rental markets, thanks to its all-year favorable weather and steady demand for leisure. Nonetheless, the winter months see a spike in leisure travel from both within the country and abroad. The peak season kicks off with the holiday period in December and lasts until Memorial Day. Conversely, the hurricane season witnesses a decline in demand, marking the period with the lowest occupancy rates. With a rise in corporate guests and relocations to South Florida, numerous hosts have found success in offering longer stays during the hurricane season to keep their occupancy rates up.

Miami Short Term Rental Investing Strategy

What factors have made Miami a prime location for short-term rental investments, and which neighborhoods are known for yielding strong returns?

Miami has emerged as a sought-after location for short-term rental investments, attributed to robust year-round demand for rentals, comparatively lower property prices than in other international cities, and a supportive regulatory framework. Neighborhoods like Brickell, Wynwood, and Edgewater, known for their Airbnb-friendly condos, have seen impressive returns, outperforming many other residential real estate markets nationwide. Additionally, areas such as Little Havana, Coconut Grove, Design District, and Little Haiti have also demonstrated their worth as excellent investment options. During the initial setup, owners who dedicate time to perfecting their properties for guests often receive positive reviews, which can lead to higher nightly rates on platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO. For further information on Miami’s short-term rental regulations or obtaining a vacation rental license, the city’s official website offers resources, or you can reach out to us directly.

What Airbnb services does Lunabase offer?

Airbnb Hosting Services Miami: Lunabase delivers a full array of Airbnb management solutions designed for vacation rentals, enhancing every aspect from dynamic listing optimization, seamless guest interactions, to meticulous cleaning and upkeep, alongside strategies for maximizing revenue. We aim to unlock the full potential of your property while creating unforgettable stays for your guests.

Miami Airbnb Listing Management: Lunabase equips Airbnb hosts with comprehensive tools to boost their hosting success, making it both more profitable and enjoyable, including:

Airbnb Miami Guest Management: Expert curation and promotion of your Airbnb listings, leveraging local market analysis for optimal pricing and increased rental income, complete with Airbnb registration assistance.

Airbnb Property Management Miami: Thorough guest screening, efficient key exchange, proactive guest communication with round-the-clock support, achieving Airbnb SuperHost status through consistent 5-star reviews, and strict adherence to house rules.

Comprehensive Property Management for Miami Airbnb: From stylish interior design and staging to ensuring guest-ready amenities, regular maintenance, top-notch cleaning services, and handling of utilities like water, electricity, and internet bills, ensuring your property is perfectly prepared for every guest.

How can Lunabase enhance the performance of my Airbnb property?

Lunabase employs targeted strategies in airbnb management to elevate your Airbnb’s visibility and appeal. We optimize your listing with competitive pricing strategies, ensure exceptional guest experiences, and leverage our expertise in real estate management to boost your property’s performance.

What advantages do airbnb management companies like Lunabase offer over individual property managers?

Lunabase offers a full suite of services that go beyond what individual property managers can provide. This includes comprehensive marketing, booking management, maintenance, legal compliance, and access to an extensive network of services. Our approach ensures efficient management and maximized earnings for your real estate investments.

How does Lunabase structure airbnb management fees for vacation rentals?

At Lunabase, our airbnb management fees are structured transparently as a percentage of the rental income. These fees encompass marketing, booking management, guest support, as well as cleaning and property maintenance coordination, ensuring your vacation rental is professionally managed and profitable.

What strategies does Lunabase employ to maximize occupancy rates for properties?

Lunabase uses dynamic pricing, strategic marketing to attract guests throughout the year, and maintains high guest satisfaction standards. Our deep understanding of the real estate market allows us to position your property effectively to ensure high occupancy rates.

Does Lunabase handle guest communication and emergencies for vacation rentals?

Yes, Lunabase provides comprehensive guest communication services, handling all inquiries, bookings, check-ins, and any emergencies that may arise during stays. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for your guests.

How should I choose the right Airbnb management company?

Look for companies with a strong track record of success in Airbnb management, transparent fee structures, and positive customer reviews. A reputable company should align with your goals and offer personalized strategies to maximize your investment’s potential.

How does Lunabase handle maintenance and cleaning for my rental property?

Our airbnb management services include regular maintenance checks and professional cleaning services to ensure your property remains in top condition. We coordinate with trusted vendors to address any issues promptly and efficiently.

What makes Lunabase different from other airbnb management companies?

Lunabase sets itself apart with our commitment to personalized service, our use of advanced technology for airbnb management, and our deep industry knowledge. We focus on maximizing your earnings while ensuring a high-quality experience for both property owners and guests.

How does Lunabase optimize pricing for my vacation rental?

We employ dynamic pricing strategies that adjust rates based on market demand, seasonality, and local events. This approach ensures that your rental rates are competitive while maximizing your revenue potential.

Can Lunabase help me increase my rental property’s visibility?

Yes, Lunabase utilizes a multi-channel marketing approach to enhance your property’s visibility across leading rental platforms and our own marketing channels. This increases exposure and attracts a wider audience of potential guests.

What reporting and analytics does Lunabase provide to property owners?

Lunabase can offer detailed reporting and analytics on your property’s performance, including occupancy rates, revenue generation, and guest feedback. This information helps us refine our strategies and provides you with insights into your investment’s performance.

How does Lunabase ensure guest satisfaction in my vacation rental?

We prioritize guest satisfaction by providing high-quality accommodations, responsive customer service, and added amenities that enhance their stay. Our team is dedicated to creating memorable experiences that encourage repeat bookings.

How can I start working with Lunabase for my vacation rental management needs?

To begin working with Lunabase, simply contact us through our website or phone number. Our team will discuss your airbnb management needs, assess your property’s potential, and outline how we can help maximize your investment’s performance.


Through selective partnerships with investment property owners and real estate developers, we are adding new properties coast to coast. Get in touch now to see if your property is a fit.