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full-service property management

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Full-Service Property Management

Maximize your real estate income with Lunabase’s full-service property management for short and mid-term rentals, where technology meets hospitality.

  • Short-term rentals, mid-term rentals, extended stays and corporate housing
  • An abundance of care for your asset
  • More enjoyment of your vacation home
  • Integration tools that maximize your profits
  • Community of prequalified guests
  • Peace of mind

Platform Focus…

Where guests are looking and booking

Unlock your property’s full value

Owning and operating an investment property can be costly and demanding, but we’ve simplified the process. Leave the hard work to us and watch your rental income soar – it’s as easy as that.

Earn 20% More

According to independent market research, Lunabase outperforms other property managers in terms of filling your calendar and gross bookings. As a result, Lunabase owners experience more than 35% increase in guest bookings and 20% more gross revenue compared to the market average.

full-service property management
full-service property management

Strength in numbers

Guest enjoy more and travel smarter, and partners earn more with higher average daily rates and increased occupancy levels, while being supported by the Lunabase Pro’s with more than a decade of short term rental experience.

Partner Retention
5-Star Guest Reviews
Strength in Numbers
  • Guests enjoy more: 99% 5 star guest reviews
  • Partners earn more: ~20% more profit (higher occupancy and daily rates)
  • 10+ years of short-term, mid-term and Airbnb property management experience
  • 15+ properties and $30M assets under management
Confidence and Continuity
  • Increase NOI & de-risk cash flow
  • Single/multi-year leases
  • Increase occupancy rates
  • Rent collection & protection
  • Advanced tenant screening
Elevating Community Standards
  • Rent responsible advocates
  • Noise monitoring & protection
  • AI based & customizable levels
  • 100% privacy-safe
Premier Property Management Services in Florida
  • Property Management Excellence: Offering full-spectrum property management in Florida, our team ensures every detail is managed with precision.
  • Miami’s Real Estate Experts: Specializing in property management in Miami, Florida, we understand the local market like no one else.
  • Airbnb Management Mastery: Tailored Airbnb management in Miami services to maximize your rental’s potential.
  • Florida Real Estate Management: Our Florida real estate management is designed to protect and enhance the value of your properties.
  • Professional Oversight: With real estate management Florida expertise, we provide peace of mind through diligent oversight.
  • Investment Care: Trust our property management Miami team to care for your investment as if it were our.
Elite Property Management Solutions in California
  • Property Management Prowess: Delivering comprehensive property management across California, with a keen eye on detail and client satisfaction.
  • Olympic Valley Specialists: Deeply rooted in Olympic Valley, our property management services are tailored to the unique aspects of the California real estate market.
  • Vacation Rental Experts: From cozy cabins to luxurious lodges, we offer specialized Airbnb management services in Olympic Valley to optimize your rental experience.
  • Real Estate Management Savvy: Our approach to California real estate management is about enhancing property value and ensuring your assets perform at their best.
  • Dedicated Supervision: With our expertise in real estate management, your Olympic Valley properties are meticulously overseen for maximum efficiency and profitability.
  • Investor-Focused Care: Entrust your investments to our property management team in Olympic Valley, where they receive the utmost attention and strategic care.

Lunabase Signature Offering

Allow the Lunabase Pro’s to market and manage your investment property and unlock your investment properties full value. From full-service property management to self managing, or simply getting your property set up, we’ve got you covered.

Full-Service Support

Short-term rental property management. Sit back – collect payments.

Listing setup, optimization

Dynamic pricing and revenue management

Lunabase direct booking platform

Reservation management and calendaring

Professional guest communications and luxury experience

Financial reporting and monthly or quarterly statements

Enhanced care, cleaning protocols and property maintenance

Smartphone App to enhance stays & increase profit

24/7 local team support

Self-Manage Support

Support for clients who manage their property remotely.

Onsite support for clients who manage remotely

Onsite support

Two point property Inspection between bookings

Coordinate turnover crews

Assist with onsite maintenance

Receive packages

Provide toiletries

Provide a welcome gift with each booking

Rental Property Setup

Help setting up your property for short or mid-term rent.

Walkthrough with one of our experts

Discuss design concepts

Trade discounts on furniture and supplies

Affordable art recommendations

Complete proposal of items suggested

Receive deliveries

Furniture installation

Mount TVs

Smart thermostat installation

Smart lock installation

Hear from our property owners …

Our trusted partner reviews provide valuable insights and feedback, reflecting the professionalism of our team, their commitment to our parters and the care for the communities we serve.

Downtown, Miami

“The Lunabase team brings professional expertise, peace of mind, and a commitment to our community standards and wellbeing.”

Edgewater, Miami

“The Lunabase team is professional and the service they offer is exceptional. They are experts in short-term rentals and have helped optimize our earnings.”

Palisades, Tahoe

“Lunabase Property Management goes above and beyond to ensure they exceed guests’ expectations, while simplifying the lives of their property owners and maximizing their earnings.”


What range of services does Lunabase offer for vacation rental management?

Lunabase provides a comprehensive suite of property management services tailored to vacation rentals. Our offerings include dynamic listing management, guest communication, professional cleaning and maintenance, and revenue optimization strategies. Our goal is to maximize your property’s potential while ensuring a memorable experience for your guests.

How can Lunabase enhance the performance of my Airbnb property?

Lunabase employs targeted strategies in property management to elevate your Airbnb’s visibility and appeal. We optimize your listing with competitive pricing strategies, ensure exceptional guest experiences, and leverage our expertise in real estate management to boost your property’s performance.

What advantages do property management companies like Lunabase offer over individual property managers?

Lunabase offers a full suite of services that go beyond what individual property managers can provide. This includes comprehensive marketing, booking management, maintenance, legal compliance, and access to an extensive network of services. Our approach ensures efficient management and maximized earnings for your real estate investments.

How does Lunabase structure property management fees for vacation rentals?

At Lunabase, our property management fees are structured transparently as a percentage of the rental income. These fees encompass marketing, booking management, guest support, as well as cleaning and property maintenance coordination, ensuring your vacation rental is professionally managed and profitable.

What strategies does Lunabase employ to maximize occupancy rates for properties?

Lunabase uses dynamic pricing, strategic marketing to attract guests throughout the year, and maintains high guest satisfaction standards. Our deep understanding of the real estate market allows us to position your property effectively to ensure high occupancy rates.

Does Lunabase handle guest communication and emergencies for vacation rentals?

Yes, Lunabase provides comprehensive guest communication services, handling all inquiries, bookings, check-ins, and any emergencies that may arise during stays. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for your guests.

How should I choose the right Airbnb management company?

Look for companies with a strong track record of success in Airbnb management, transparent fee structures, and positive customer reviews. A reputable company should align with your goals and offer personalized strategies to maximize your investment’s potential.

How does Lunabase handle maintenance and cleaning for my rental property?

Our property management services include regular maintenance checks and professional cleaning services to ensure your property remains in top condition. We coordinate with trusted vendors to address any issues promptly and efficiently.

What makes Lunabase different from other property management companies?

Lunabase sets itself apart with our commitment to personalized service, our use of advanced technology for property management, and our deep industry knowledge. We focus on maximizing your earnings while ensuring a high-quality experience for both property owners and guests.

How does Lunabase optimize pricing for my vacation rental?

We employ dynamic pricing strategies that adjust rates based on market demand, seasonality, and local events. This approach ensures that your rental rates are competitive while maximizing your revenue potential.

Can Lunabase help me increase my rental property’s visibility?

Yes, Lunabase utilizes a multi-channel marketing approach to enhance your property’s visibility across leading rental platforms and our own marketing channels. This increases exposure and attracts a wider audience of potential guests.

What reporting and analytics does Lunabase provide to property owners?

Lunabase can offer detailed reporting and analytics on your property’s performance, including occupancy rates, revenue generation, and guest feedback. This information helps us refine our strategies and provides you with insights into your investment’s performance.

How does Lunabase ensure guest satisfaction in my vacation rental?

We prioritize guest satisfaction by providing high-quality accommodations, responsive customer service, and added amenities that enhance their stay. Our team is dedicated to creating memorable experiences that encourage repeat bookings.

How can I start working with Lunabase for my vacation rental management needs?

To begin working with Lunabase, simply contact us through our website or phone number. Our team will discuss your property management needs, assess your property’s potential, and outline how we can help maximize your investment’s performance.


Through selective partnerships with investment property owners and real estate developers, we are adding new properties coast to coast. Get in touch now to see if your property is a fit.